Self Care Tips For Stress Relief

There are several self-care tips to reduce stress. These tips focus on the emotional side of self-care and the “physical” side of self-care – how to stay healthy, and where to find that health.

It’s physical

walking is good for stressPhysical: Take care of your physical body. Go for a walk and exercise. Spend time with friends, family or just spend some time with yourself.

Stress is often caused by a “rushing” attitude. Go slow! If you are stressed because of an assignment, make sure you give yourself plenty of time to complete it. If you need to take an exam, or if you have to give a presentation, allow enough time to complete it, don’t go over schedule.

When we spend a lot of time away from our loved ones, we become far less available. Try to make it a habit to spend some time with your family every day. It’s a good way to keep your mind, body and spirit in good shape.

There are a lot of things to remember and think about when you are stressed. Consider changing how you look at the world. Sometimes, we get so caught up in worrying that we forget about the fun parts of life.

Be mindful

Help yourself get “mindful” when you are stressed. At Secret Elixirs we are huge fans of meditation. Meditation, writing and journaling are good ways to remind yourself of the positive side of life. Don’t forget the things you enjoy doing. Play a musical instrument, volunteer, do crafts, or learn a new hobby.

Some simple activities can help you relax. Make it a goal to go for a long walk and relax. Also make it a goal to practice some meditation. Mental health is important for your physical health.

Why is stress bad?

This is a question that many people ask themselves when it comes to learning more about why is stress bad. Well, this isn’t to say that stress is bad, just that some things that we go through in our lives can cause us to experience stress and even be stressed out. In a lot of cases this stress has to do with our lives, such as losing a job, an illness, or experiencing a major life change.

Most of the time, the only difference is that you will have control over it. You can either give up control and learn to live with the stress or you can get control over it and learn how to deal with it. The latter is what we are going to be talking about here. Why is stress bad?

Why should we choose not to let stress affect us

meditate for stress reliefIt’s important to remember that there is nothing good or bad about anything until you are in the right mind frame to determine the difference. When it comes to stress, if we are able to deal with it then it is not bad for us.

For example, if we are working, it is not necessarily bad for us because we are not doing the same job that we did before. We are getting paid for the same work, but it is different.

Some people work during their free time, they might be taking care of their kids, or they might be enjoying a vacation. This is not bad for them, but when we think about something like a stressful job, then it is.

There are plenty of things that we can do on a day to day basis to make sure that we are not stressed and, if we are, that we deal with it.

Now, if we don’t take the time to learn to deal with it, we are going to feel bad, which is why we might want to ask the question, “Why is stress bad?” Some people do the same job over again because they are happy doing it, but it is just not the same as what they were doing in the past.

They don’t have control over it, but if they can control it, then they should, because it makes them feel good. The reason why it is good to take the time to learn how to deal with stress is because once we are able to handle our stress, then we have more energy and we are able to accomplish more than we would have otherwise. This is the best way to see why stress is bad.

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